So, IDK if you know or not, but I absolutely LOVE soyrwoo’s Corgscast… and I had to write a thing about it.

So here’s that thing I wrote about it.

It was a bright day in the world and for once Rythian was actually in a great mood. He walked out of the small makeshift shelter where his and Zoeya’s beds were placed and walked toward Teep’s tower to see if he and Zoeya were around. He walked through the door and looked around. Nothing. He shrugged it off and headed toward Sick Bay. Maybe the pair had gone into town to trade with the villagers there.

He walked around the small village, looking in the various buildings. Still no sign of the fiery headed girl and the dinosaur. He sighed and shook his head. They had a lot of things to work on, and it was not time for games. It was then he heard a soft barking sound. It was higher pitched than Ghost Jr and Willow. He walked toward the sound, which was near a small pond in the vast desert. There were two dogs there, much different from the wolves he was used to seeing. He moved closer and was able to distinguish that one of the dogs was a corgi, ginger coloured, with one robotic foreleg. The other dog was a strange coloured terrier of some sort, he wasn’t very familiar with the particular breed. As he approached, the ginger corgi happily barked and ran toward him, jumping straight into his arms. It began licking his face immediately.

"Zo… Zoeya?" He asked and the corgi just barked. "What the hell? I don’t understand. Why are you a dog?"

He put Zoeya down onto the ground and rubbed his forehead. She whined and put her paws on his leg and started scratching. He shot a glare to her, and she put her tail between her legs and moved away from the mage.

"I need to go check on something, you two… stay here… and don’t… leave, okay?" Rythian started his trek toward Sjin’s Farm. He didn’t really want to go here, but it was a hell of a lot closer than Lalna’s place. As he approached the farm, he saw a corgi with a blue cape tied around its neck.

"Oh… wow." He said as he approached the small dog. It turned to him and started growling. "No, no. Sjin… Down boy. I’m not here to hurt you, I just wanted to check on something. Don’t mind me, I’m leaving… Not that you could really do much, honestly."

Could this be another one of the effects from the world changing? Somehow, he was unaffected. Zoeya happily ran toward the mage as soon as she could see him. She walked along side him as he walked into their base camp. She even followed him as he started to pace and think about how to fix this.

"Zoeya, please… Can you just sit and stay, please?" He turned to the small dog, whose ears went down as she sat down. She looked up at him, her eyes big and started to whine a bit.

"Now, don’t you start that with me. I’m trying to find out how to fix this, okay?" He reached down and scratched her head.

He’d have to go look and see if everyone was changed, he needed to make sure he wasn’t the only human left. Not only because he wanted to know why this happened, but he was already starting to go a little crazy talking only to dogs. A recon mission sounded like a pretty good idea, he’d have to make sure Teep and Zoeya stayed here.

"I wonder if the villagers have any dog treats.."

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